galerie jaspers gallery

Founded 1980 in Munich
closed 2006

since 2006 the gallery is accessible only on the internet

aktuell / currently:
tom schmelzer
francisco klinger carvalho

rancisco klinger carvalho

postanschrift / postal adress

josephsplatz 5
d-80798 munich


0049(0)89 271 83 93


Auswahl / selection · kuenstler / artists

heinrich brummack
rolf faesser
francisco klinger carvalho
shirley paes leme
tom schmelzer
hans schork
mladen stropnik
christopher winter


wird neu erstellt / Is being rebuilt: DEPOT

tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection
or how to make a lion baby shine
16 lasers, swarovski crystal, usb-hubs, magnets, alligator clips, quadpod, polystyrol case, nylon thread, projector stand, motor, power supply unit
approx. 168 x 68 x 68 cm
tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection
tom schmelzer: the beauty of imperfection
"tom schmelzer: "aura"
"tom schmelzer: "homo-bulla"

be realistic, demand the impossible
illusionary object
bronze (unique copy; dead-mold casting), basiliscus basiliscus (plastination) tin, sand, mdf
flower arrangement with vase approx. 50 x ÿ 20 cm
stand 92 x 25 x 25 cm

"tom schmelzer: "you can get what you want"